Selling a Help to Buy Property

Information on how it works

You have utilised the Government’s Help to Buy: Equity Loan to buy your first home. There are additional steps involved when selling a property that was purchased with an equity loan.

Selling your Help to Buy purchased property follows the same process as any other property sale, however, at the point of sale, you will have to repay the loan in full to the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA).

Selling Your Help to Buy Property

If you decide to sell your home, you will need to pay back your equity loan to the HCA from the sale. The amount you pay back will be the same percentage (not amount) of the sale as the initial equity loan.

For example, if you bought a property for £200,000 with a 20% equity loan of £40,000 and sold the property for £250,000, you would have to pay back £50,000 (20% of £250,000).

When you sell your house, an independent valuer must decide what it is worth. Your property will need to be sold on the open market at the current market value.

The Process – Simplified

  1. Choose an Estate Agent to sell your property.
  2. Accept offer on house.
  3. Independent Surveyor values property.
  4. Inform HCA of valuation and offer amount.
  5. HCA provides a valuation report (valid for 3 months).
  6. Appoint a conveyancer to act on your sale.
  7. Memorandum of Sale – sent by Estate Agent to the purchaser’s, and your, conveyancers.
  8. Contract Issued – sent by your conveyancer.
  9. Reply to enquiries raised by the purchaser’s conveyancer.
  10. Agree completion date and exchange.
  11. Completion.

Things to Know

  • Valuations must meet certain criteria.
  • Your property valuation needs to be approved by the HCA, and they will inform you of the amount required to repay your loan.
  • Fees connected to the sale of your property are deducted from the sale proceeds. You will be responsible for any monies required over this amount.
  • The amount you pay back will be the same percentage (not amount) of the sale as the initial equity loan.
The Process in Detail

Selling Your Help to Buy Property


  • You instruct an Estate Agent to sell your property.


  • You accept an offer on your house.


  • You instruct an Independent Surveyor to value your property.
  • You inform the Homes and Communities Agency (HCA) of your sale offer and valuation to get approval from them to sell your home.
  • The HCA will send you a valuation report confirming the loan repayment amount.


  • You instruct New Homes Law as your conveyancer and provide our details to the Estate Agent, and the HCA.
  • The Estate Agent will issue a Memorandum of sale to us and the purchaser’s solicitor.


  • We apply to the Land Registry for up-to-date copies of your title documentation.
  • The purchaser’s conveyancer will send a letter to confirm their instruction from the buyer and request the draft contract documentation from us.


  • You will receive a Sellers Property Information form, a Fixtures and Fittings schedule, an Overriding Interests questionnaire and, where relevant, a Leasehold Information form to complete and return to us.
  • On receipt of the documentations, we will draft the contract to the purchaser’s conveyancer.


  • We send the draft contract to the purchaser’s conveyancer.
  • We respond to all the enquiries raised by the purchaser’s conveyancer.


  • We receive all your signed documentation.
  • We request your authority to exchange contracts with an agreed fixed completion date.


  • We exchange contracts with the purchaser’s conveyancer.

You are now legally committed to your sale. Failure to complete your sale could result in a financial penalty.


  • We let you know that your exchange of contracts has happened.

It usually takes at least one week in between exchange and completion as mortgage lenders require at least five working days’ notice to draw down the mortgage advance.


  • We receive the full completion funds from the purchaser’s  conveyancer.
  • We confirm with the purchaser’s conveyancer that the completion funds have been received, and keys will be released.
  • We use the funds to repay your loan amount to the HCA and transfer the necessary funds to your mortgage lender to redeem your mortgage.

Congratulations, legal completion has taken place. You have now sold your property!

  • We will then return surplus funds back to you, if necessary.


What our customers say

  • As a first-time buyer I'd had no experience before; I didn't know the difference between solicitors and conveyancers. But dealing with New Homes Law was easy, convenient and seamless.
  • I would definitely recommend New Homes Law. They were all approachable and friendly, and I was comfortable they would be able to deal with my transaction well.
  • The level of communication from New Homes Law was by far the best I've ever had with any company I've worked with. They were professional and transparent about everything.

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